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Tricotier is a brand of a manufacturer of scarves with the most even and bright stripes. The name and the packaging concept were to reflect the product’s high quality, the manufacturers’ flawless professionalism and the versatility of scarves as gifts.


Tricotier romantic name is derived from the French word tricots (knitted fabric). -ier suffix indicates a profession (by analogy with chocolatier).

Package Concept

We packed the gift scarves with incredibly even and bright stripes in cardboard tubes with metal caps. The product is offered on an open display in chain hypermarkets, so we set a more reasonable task of being able to demonstrate the product without opening the package.

The multi-purpose package is marked with a shaped label, which clearly demonstrates the pattern and the color. The shape of the labels varies depending on the holiday the collection of scarves is released for.


The lettering style resembles quill writing.

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