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Samo-Soft is one of the leading companies in the development of software for travel industry. Its product is represented by four software packages that computerize and simplify the work of each market player: travel agencies, tour operators, host organizations, and hotels. More than 20,000 customers use such types of programs.

Visual Identification Concept

In order to demonstrate the logic and simplicity of the software products, we introduced them in the form of regular geometric icosahedron shapes. Icosahedrons are made up of tetrahedrons denoting program modules that can be chosen and installed in accordance with the needs of each particular user. Combining geometric shapes with each other, we showed that all software products are connected in a single complex. The possibility of their joining is not limited by anything.


Working on the company logo, we changed the original lettering, removing all the extra elements. We created logos in English and Russian for all software packages. The new version also has additional descriptors.

Brand Carriers

We visualized each of the four icosahedrons in the form of three-dimensional models, thus strengthening the sense of the reality of the virtual product. As for the coding of individual modules each software solution consists of, we used simple pictograms. The polyhedrons’ almost unlimited composition possibilities were used in the company’s brand carriers. Based on them, we developed the printwork and promotional merchandise for any occasion.


We described the work rules with icosahedrons, color and font layouts, the principles of work with the modular grid and many other aspects in the guideline on the company’s visual communications system.

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