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Pickup.ru are experts in acquaintance, seduction and building relationships between men and women. The project founders hired us to create the logo and complex brand identity that could express the ironic yet controversial project’s character.

Visual Identification Concept

What is pick up? It means easy communication, getting rid of inferiority complexes, freedom, success, lifestyle, play and obviously sex. The concept is based on the idea of new discoveries, compatibility, and different relationship types between men and women. We expressed all this with metaphors: a key and a keyhole. A key to a soul? To a heart? To a relationship? Or rather to sex?


The logo is diverse. It can be used differently depending on the context, yet the brand awareness and its interpretation stay the same.

Brand Carriers

Various ways of approaching women are ironically presented in different brand carriers. Pictograms are actively used.

Photo Shoot

The main resource of the Pickup.ru project is undoubtedly its trainers. We carried out a photo shoot for them with the focus on the various representations of materialized logo made out of corrugated cardboard.

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