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Office Anatomy

Office Anatomy

Office Anatomy is a unique online service for a fast and convenient calculation of deadlines and costs of engineering works in offices. The service creates direct communication between clients and service providers, and introduces core changes to the engineering services market simplifying complicated and painful processes of choosing a contractor, waiting for the sales proposal and agreeing the budget estimate.


We have drawn an analogy between an office and a human body and presented engineering systems as a complex of organs responsible for its proper functioning. When dealing with the types of rooms other than offices the first word of the name can be replaced with the one having a suitable meaning — for instance, Shop Anatomy or Flat Anatomy.

Visual Identification Concept

We used the same simple idea as the basic principle for visual identification. The logo, all the objects of corporate identity and advertising media demonstrate not only their exterior but also their engineering interior hidden from others. The solution concise in terms of color and shape does not draw attention away from the meaning.


The chosen logo composition is convenient for following adaptation to the new lines of business — you only have to replace the first word. It will be quite simple for the basic meaning and graphics are reflected in the second word which stays the same in all logos.

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