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Milk Map

Milk Map

Semyorochka Retail (Seven Retail) is a supplier of products from the best farms of the Vladimir Region. In order to enter the Moscow market, the client required several trademarks, Molochnaya Karta (Milk Map) being the first one.

Niche Analysis

We started our work from dairy products market research in terms of which we studied nine direct and twelve indirect competitors represented in Moscow chain supermarkets. In the course of the work we analyzed trademarks positioning in terms of rational and emotional characteristics. This helped us to determine free for positioning niches and develop the positioning concept for the brand.

Target Audience Analysis

From the very beginning we excluded male customers concentrating all our attention on female audience of 25-56-years-old. Due to the absence of obvious leaders in the rather young farm dairy products niche we decided not to determine a narrower customer group in this large segment. According to the results of the questionnaires we determined common behavioral characteristics among female customers, described purchase characteristics and dairy products consumption patterns. We also made sure customers were willing to buy natural, healthy and tasty dairy products.

Positioning Concept

Molochnaya Karta (Milk Map) is a assosiation of the best farm enterprises of the Vladimir Region and a trademark of its products supplied to the city supermarkets. Members of this “milk corporation” who support the traditions of quality products fair production are in the center of all brand’s communications. They share such qualities as honesty, trust, and warm treatment towards each other and their customers. Every manufacturer is a part of the whole and yet has their own unique characteristics.

Brand Name

Molochnaya Karta brand name refers to the idea of farm enterprises merging from different parts of the Vladimir Region. Associations with wine or coffee lists comply with the products’ good quality and refer to customers’ option to choose their favorite farmer within one trademark. (NB: in the Russian language the collocation Molochnaya Karta is assosiated with another collocation “Винная карта”, which stands for “wine list”).

Package Line Concept

The idea within positioning concept and brand name logically continues in package design concept. Every manufacturer’s product is marked with an individual sticker with the farm illustration, its ranking number and brand name. The background of the packages depicts quite an accurate map of the region marking the areas of “milk cooperation”. Reserved, almost monochrome color layout makes the package stand out on the shelf. Craft or its imitation are used to show that the product is natural.


Logo is a Molochnaya Karta inscription made in the style of hand writing with a thick brush. Within common font layout we developed flowing, somewhat geometric lettering. This man-made brand name style harmonizes with package line unified visual image.

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