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A matter of Taste

A matter of Taste

Delo Vkusa (Matter of Taste) is a brand comprising an online store and two show rooms offering Kazakh farm products in the above-average price group. Lack of trust in domestic production, lack of understanding of the farming activity in general, and online shopping anxiety were the customers barriers we had to overcome.


We have developed a name that comprises two different ideas. It reflects on the product’s taste as well as the fact that the production and sale of these products are a matter of taste, a matter of life and a business that is a pleasure. (NB: the Russian collocation “Delo vkusa” has double meaning realization; it stands for “a matter of taste” and “flavor business”).

Package Concept

The association with a small and cozy European café prompted us to choose the visual image. We picked a very lively, “man-made” style in order to help the customers make a decision to purchase the products online. The key trademark identifier is a skeuomorphic background resembling a chalk board with drawings and writings on it.


The self-explanatory name suggested the idea of a handicraft logo: symbolic shapes of a hammer (=business) and a spoon (=flavor). The shaped frame is repeated in the labels, price tags, signs, and other brand carriers.

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