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Losevo puts great care into making its milk and various dairy products and sells them in shops that target the picky customer. The company needed a visual identity to launch its products on the St. Petersburg market. Our task was to come up with an image that would make Losevo products stand out from their competition and be associated with a higher price level and quality.

Label Concept

When we were designing the brand packaging, we wanted it to reflect the idea that real milk comes only in bottles. We picked the familiar milk bottle from the fair faraway land as the shape standard. As a result, we have light and neat packaging that evokes fond memories in the older generation and arouses interest in the younger one.

Logo System

The brand logo and the product name logos are designed along the same lines. Each type of product is assigned its own hue. Products of one type varying in fat content are distinguished through different shades of the main hue. While designing the logos, we came up with an original type face stylized to resemble quill writing. The resulting letters were used in the lettering of all the logos.

Business Documentation Design

The business documentation design is in sync with the packaging design and is based on bright colors, strict minimalism and a central composition.

Photos & Illustrations

Losevo asked our agency to do a photoshoot of their employees and their plant, which allowed us to go backstage and see the milk making process with our own eyes. We didn’t limit ourselves to minimalism when designing Losevo brand carriers. For instance, our illustrator painted a canvas full of fascinating details — a whole world in a milk bottle — to be featured in the Losevo New Year calendar.

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