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Issma is a store selling high-quality goods for interior decoration and DIY that is located in Svetogorsk. 15 years after its foundation, the company has set out to enter St. Petersburg’s online trading market. Concurrently with creating an online store, it has decided to develop a unified corporate identity for the offline and online points of sale.


Issma is a family business, and that seeps through everything. The store is owned and managed by two generations; all the employees have worked there for a long time and know many customers in person. This family atmosphere defines both the quality of service and the relationship with the customers. Moreover, all the employees are experienced in DIY and know perfectly well how to organize renovation works and what materials to choose. Sales assistants give customers practical advice, taking the edge off such an important and unpleasant undertaking as home renovation. The website with its convenient calculators, video instructions on DIY techniques, efficient catalogue structure and other features will also allow customers to receive timely and needed assistance.

Visual Identification Concept

Issma is a store for anyone who needs to renovate their home but is not particularly happy about the costs, time expenditures and efforts involved. Home renovation is a complicated process involving procedures that are not always easy to understand. How do I start? Where do I begin? Many of these fears are justified. It is hard to find one’s way amidst a great variety of shops and goods, and the diversity of renovation technologies is just too confusing. How to make the right choice? How to avoid mistakes resulting in wasted time, effort and money? The last barrier is particularly important for us, because it is the stage where Issma helps its customers to choose products they need and to get ready for the renovation with due understanding of the process.

We embodied the ease of communication, assistance in choice and customer education in the concept of the “ABC of Home Decoration”. The drop caps of the ABC are the key identifiers of the image. On one hand, ABC is a synonym for something very simple, elementary. On the other hand, it is the first educational material a person encounters, so ABC also strongly associates with education. Drop caps with embedded illustrations can be used for depicting services, categories, individual products and advantages of the store.

For illustrations, we have chosen an easy to produce, but rather impressive flat stylistics: it will look good both in the digital environment and in the navigation, physical advertising and product labels of the offline store.

The main colors are bright, clear and open. For illustrations and branded backgrounds, we have chosen four main colors and four additional, darker ones. For texts, frames and background we have used white, black and light-grey. The company typeface will be the simple geometric Circe that fits well with the style of the illustrations.

For advertising media, posters in the store and banners at the website, photos of customers or interior decoration workers with one of the brand colors in the background can be used.


In the course of lettering, we started from the overall style of a geometric sans-serif font face called Circe. We’ve carried the distinctive features of the font onto the logotype. The characters of the logotype, like the ones of the source font, are defined by the lack of serifs and the low contrast of vertical as against horizontal strokes. They very much approach the basic shapes of a rectangle, a circle or a triangle. The logotype is thicker in weight — bolder than the boldest of the original font — distinguishing itself in typesetting.

A minimalistic text-based logotype fits well into the friendly environment of drop caps, illustrations, colour backgrounds and advertising photos.

Product Label

It is planned to market basic DIY supplies under the Issma brand: metalware, paints, fillers. So an additional task of the project was to adapt the new identity for the home brand product labels. Using the principle of labeling products with branded drop caps, we easily solved this task.


The website is the key vehicle of the Issma corporate identity. For this reason, as early as at the stage of visual identification concept development, we sketched the design of the online store homepage and product page. Once we’ve done our part of the project, our colleagues from Nimax interactive agency joined in. The guys carried the corporate identity we developed over into the digital space with care. Now the project is at the stage of content development and integration with “1С”. It is going to be launched this fall.

Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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