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Grand Fish

Grand Fish

Vazhnaya Ryba (Grand Fish) is a chain of sushi shops that puts a priority on quality and professionalism in all respects. In this project we worked on breaking the stereotype that sushi shops are small untidy shops with food of questionable quality and flavor.


The name reflects such important company advantages as expertise, commitment to excellence, and a thoughtful approach to business. The grand fish is present in the brand name, brand carriers, and all company advertising communications.

Visual Identification Concept

In “worthy sushi” concept the key brand identifiers are branded characters — extremely important and proud fish ironically pointing out its superiority over other fish...and sushi shops. We worked through every character’s qualities, designed a simple yet efficient illustration stylistics, added contrast typography and muted palette unusual for sushi shops.


The importance topic reaches its apotheosis in the logo. The name of the sushi shops chain is diademed.

Brand Carriers

For Vazhnaya Ryba we designed signs, menu, loyalty cards, bags, outfits, A-frame sign, and special offers lightboxes.

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