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Emex is an online platform for auto parts trade. The company works with reliable suppliers from all over the globe, providing only certified products and making the processes of search, purchase, and delivery as simple as possible.

Positioning concept

Emex’s business is based on the automation and optimization of logistics and technology, increasing work efficiency and minimizing costs. The company is among the leaders in B2B sales due to its technological approach. Emex is planning to overtake the segment of private buyers and turn the platform into an ultimate competitive environment where any existing auto part can be bought.

The logo and corporate identity were developed by Art. Lebedev Studio in 2007. In 2011, the basic elements of the brand identity were simplified, withdrawing from the trademark composition of 3D boxes. The renewed corporate identity featured tag advantages and the ’speed streak’ from the logo integrated into text and interface elements of the platform.

With the development of the business, Emex aims to enter a new market and work with the end consumer. Therefore, the company requires new positioning and, consequently, a new visual identity system.

Out of all advantages that the platform boasts, we chose the most important ones in relation to positioning concept formation: advanced technologies, streamlined interaction, and extensive range of products for partners and buyers (the principle of the ultimate market’ that the company aims for).

Our objective was to reflect these attributes in the new system of identity while also maintaining continuity with the current visual image. The new style had to be flexible enough to apply to different audiences.

Visual identification concept

The new concept is based on the idea of augmented reality, in which Emex acts as a system that improves the quality of buyer perception.

The company’s efficient operation and its focus on technology are communicated through the metaphor of artificial intelligence and smart digital system. The tips implemented in the interface indicate the comfort of interaction with Emex and prove that the system supports the client at the moment of confusion. Finally, this metaphor of supreme intelligence behind the Emex interface hints at the company’s ambition to become the ultimate trading system for its clients.

The key components that convey this idea are context, which shows the actual reality, and interface, which conveys the idea of the artificial intelligence. The interface of the Emex system is integrated into the context of real objects and interacts with them. There are various types of interaction. We named them ’augmented reality functions’ for the sake of simplicity and combined them into four groups:

  • Information.
  • Exposure.
  • Augmentation.
  • Alteration.

The information function explains the things that happen on the screen using curious facts about objects and real-life situations involving these objects. The exposure function reveals what’s been hidden from the user. The augmentation function changes the current context of the object, making reality more exciting and helpful for the user with subtle, witty additions. The alteration function alters the reality in front of the user, demonstrating the endless capabilities of the platform.

The key element of the augmented reality interface is an orange rectangular spot encompassing text and graphics (explanatory footnotes, pointers, and illustrations). Any real-life objects or photorealistic monochrome images on printed and electronic media can be used as context for Edex’s smart system.

We left the color scheme untouched to maintain continuity. Decima Mono X was chosen as the display face. All its characters have the same width. Such fonts are commonly used by programmers: you can see them in command lines, various computer terminals, and file managers. Such computerized font reflects the focus on technologies and consistency inherent to the augmented reality of Edex.

The illustrations in the renewed system of visual identification are created using contour drawing technique. The geometricity and composed color scheme make the graphics look austere. Strokes of different thickness are used in the illustrations: thick for external contours and thin for internal. Graphical objects are depicted in frontal view.

Logo correction

We reflected the company’s aspiration to transfer the interaction with the audience into a digital environment by adding ’.ru’ to the logo. We used the same Decima Mono X typeface for the domain extension so that it would match the overall typographic scheme.

Media vehicles development

The functions of augmented reality help solve various communication issues and design various groups of media vehicles depending on the content and the audience. Using these functions, we developed over 40 advertising, souvenir, and printed media vehicles for the new corporate identity of Emex.

Some of them use materials and technologies that convey the idea of augmented reality, such as thermal paint, translucent paper, glass and plastic, stereo vario, and interactive elements.

Guideline development

We provided a detailed description of the brand platform developed for Emex in two guidelines. Elements of the identification system, capabilities and limitations of the new corporate identity, rules for working with functions, color scheme, layout, typographics, brand marks, and corporate graphics are all covered on the 50 pages of the first guideline. The second guideline provides rules for media vehicle design and requirements for the production of layouts developed by our agency.

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