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Dress Klava

Dress Klava

Pervaya Multimediynaya Kompaniya (The First Multimedia Company) produces decorative stickers for keyboards. The unusual for the market product is sold in large and small chain hypermarkets.


We started working on the project with naming. It was necessary to create a name clear for a wide range of customers. We chose a well-known Russian common name for a keyboard amplifying it with a simple metaphor referring to the sticking process. (NB: “Klava” stands for “keyboard” in Russian slang; at the same time “Klava” is also a female proper name). Such pun perfectly reflects the essence of the product.

Package Concept

The dressing topic was further developed in the design of the package which we created in the form of a hanger with hung keyboard “outfit”. The packaging construction is simple: a hanger is cut off pressboard; a transparent pocket is attached to the hanger allowing to see the product the best way possible. In order to attract attention to the product in stores we suggested that the brand sections were designed in the form of wardrobes.


The lettering style resembles quill writing. The name suggests presence of a branded character. Friendly Klava kindly introduces her multiple outfits to the customers telling them how to use them and advancing the moment of the purchase.

Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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