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Digitale is the conference on innovative marketing and it is a key event in St. Petersburg advertising market. All experts passionate about marketing and advertising gather twice a year to learn, network, communicate and share experiences with each other.

Visual Identification Concept

he key motivation of the conference participants is to be in the center of everything new and interesting. Within the “Viral Innovations” concept we talked about the digital marketing wave that has captured everyone with no exception. Everybody is involved and is the carrier of the innovations spread within the digital space with the speed of a virus. The graphic concept is based on visualized digital viruses that correspond to particular conference sections (strategy, SMM, marketing, technology, cases). Bright and concise graphics are complemented by contrasting typography, infographics, and quality copywriting.


The basic logo form displays all the viruses simultaneously. The sign part is diverse and can take most fancy shapes.

Brand Carriers

The graphics that we developed are implemented on the website, in communities in social media and design of various conference brand carriers: signs, banners, guidance signs, brochures, business cards, badges, branded stickers and many more. Mutations, multiple contaminations, useful and harmful viruses, and pathogenicity scales are the main issues for discussion and analysis by the participants of the conference. These topics became the subjects for a wide variety of the event’s brand carriers.

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